Tax Optimization
Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization

Nobody likes to pay taxes. Because it’s not a give and take.

The thought of using that money in another way is far too tempting.

Of course, you can’t bypass paying them. However, there are possibilities that optimize the taxes. Consequently, you would have to pay a smaller amount of money and at least a part of the money can be used for the finer things in life.

Looking at it in a long-term perspective you can save huge amounts of money and that fully legal. Finally, it’s not a tax evasion it is just a legal way of optimization. So why pay more, if it is not necessary?

The experts’ advice is worth it.

Our tax experts are doing all they can to show you the alternatives in your personal case. For example, changing the location can help you safe huge amounts of money. Also, a restructuring of the private means and business assets can lead to savings due to taxes.  At long last the formation of provisions can also be an advance. However, all of this requires comprehensive expertise of a professional.

If you optimize such things without having a wide range of knowledge in this area you can make yourself indictable in the worst case. After all, ignorance is no excuse in law. Because of that, the delivery to an expert is to be considered. Tax savings are possible in various business transactions. Especially when buying or selling companies, a tax-optimized procedure can lead to huge savings.

Comprehensive information for long-term success

Our tax experts mostly advise their clients long-term. Because only if the expert knows the company or the personal circumstances very well the tax benefits can be used optimally. Otherwise information often stays unnoticed that didn’t seem important to the client. If the tax consultant hat knowledge about it the numbers and facts could have led to a favourable result.

The concrete services

To get an even clearer picture the services of our tax experts we will explicitly show them to you again. That you can decided if the commissioning of an expert for yourself or your business could be meaningful.

Tax optimization direct taxes

The designation “Tax optimization direct taxes” refers to the direct taxes which are to dissipate from a company. A strict differencing between direct and indirect taxes should always be done to keep track of everything. This is not a final listing, because the circumstances of the individual cases set the possibilities of the tax optimization.


o Analysis of the location

o Analysis of the tax paying up to now (national and international)

o Optimization and planning of the Taxes

o Creating of optimized remuneration packages

o Discussing of Share-based Payment and discuss the possibilities

o Tax analysis in case of splits, mergers or restructuring

o Ownership Consultancy

o Including of Inheritance/gift tax

o Participation of employees

o Explaining of tax requests

Tax optimization indirect taxes

The “Tax optimization indirect taxes” is less about the possibilities of tax money saving. It is more about the tax risks in case of false declarations that show up due to lack of knowledge or special circumstances or conditions can be possible.  As soon as a company performs compulsory transactions, that are not standard, it makes sense to discuss it with a tax expert. Especially when it comes to:  

o Declaration of the VAT

o Matching of VAT costs

o VAT tax representative for foreign companies

o Consultation all about the VAT also outside of the country