Outsourcing Accounting
Outsourcing Accounting

Outsourcing Accounting

Intelligent outsourcing and support services regarding the bookkeeping complex also belongs to the wide range of the Caminada Treuhand AG services.
Our experts are at your disposal at any time to support you by finding solutions. Our deals will be oriented according to your current situation respectively your needs.

Too important to take risks

In times of constant cost pressures and the necessary outsourcing of business tasks that comes with it, bookkeeping should be done by an expert. Accountancy is way too important for the success of a company to take any risks!

Are you thinking about outsourcing your accounting?

If you are, we have different options and solution approaches to offer:

Our experiences with sound knowledge and our experts that are fitted with the most modern technology have national and international accounting standards (OR, SWISS GAAP FER) as well as the newest requirements and current innovations in focus.

On this base, we will discuss and evaluate in advance the ideal solution for your situation! Depending on the Solution a complete outsourcing, i.e. financial and payroll accounting could make sense. Besides all tasks will be taken over completely from you. Then again depending on your company, a partial outsourcing of your bookkeeping could be more sensible. Of course, this is also part of our Portfolio. In this case, only individual areas of the accounting system will be outsourced and your employees will be working in a team with our experts.

 Accounting Software State of the Art

On a special Software, we will install the best solution for you! Nice to know: Our SAAS (Software as a Service) includes the programs ABAweb and ABAscan.  With the aid of these programs it is possible to realize every essential level of accounting without any problems. From document entry to doing the secondary books or the complete bookkeeping up to creating the end statements. Also, AbaNinja and AbaClik, the new specified programs for KMU could be exactly the right thing.

If you have different companies and whether or not their financial figures have been prepared by your employees or by us, we can help you prepare a consolidated financial statement.  Consolidated figures of whatever kind and whatever accounting standards are our business!

Knight service as a short-term solution

Of course, our experts are also at your disposal as „Knights “, that means they can act experts a defined period of time. In times of interim management this additional offer is also a sign of the flexibility of our Company. Whether it is about an absence due to illness, accident or to bridge vacancies, we can put a CFO as well as a Accountant at your disposal. In no time and uncomplicated.


We advise you in Zug and Lucerne

As accounting outsourcing is a complex issue, which rarely can be solved with a standard solution, therefore it is important to find an individual solution for every company. Caminada Treuhand AG Zug is your partner concerning all questions about Outsourcing.

We are always available at our Headquarters in Zug and at our branch in Lucerne. We would love to invite you to a non-committal talk in one of our locations. Our experts look forward to hearing from you.