VAT Representation
VAT Representation

VAT Representation

Avoid surprises

Value added taxes were introduced to us in 1990.  Since then a lot changed and without a tax consultant you barely have a chance to do the revenue adjustment correctly. We as a VAT representor have the necessary specialized knowledge to submit your settlements correctly and on time. A delayed submission brings unpleasant additional claims. Especially if you are at the beginning with your company and are inexperienced, you shouldn’t forego the support of a VAT representor.  To reduce the risk of a wrong declaration, we will help you to a timely and professional correct declaration. Our VAT representors have got many years of experience and the accordingly high expertise in a wide range of industry sectors. That is how you avoid unwanted surprises through the exchequer.

Customer care is more than only the handing in of the declaration

The customer care in our chancellery is very extensive. By request we take on your complete bookkeeping and tax consultancy. Every sector of the company must be declared correctly to create a proper tax return. Our VAT representors will optimize your profit and lead to an administrative relief for your company at the same time. Next to the correct bookkeeping, our range of services also includes VAT returns, finalization and revenue reconciliation. Besides, our VAT representors also adapts in the Advice and Review in matters of VAT. Avoid risks of a wrong calculation and the related additional payment from the beginning with our qualified VAT representors. We support you in the accounting processing of the VAT and accompany you actively in VAT control. Even if you need a fiscal representor, you will be well advised by our VAT representors.

Tax consultancy and accounting belong together

Since the VAT was introduced to Switzerland, the legislation has become more and more complex and laborious. Today, it is hardly possible for a small- or medium-sized enterprise to look through all the laws and keep the overview. Our VAT representors deal with this matters every day and is well versed in it. We can support you in the daily bookkeeping, as well as special questions regarding tax consultancy or VAT. Our employees have the relevant education and longs-standing practical experience. In more and more accounting issues, only specialized professionals can clear out uncertainties about VAT. Contact our VAT representors for all your questions. In our chancellery, you will find the right contact person for your questions.

New VAT law in Switzerland

In summer 2017, a partial division of the VAT law was determined. 2018 the changes are coming in to operation. The reforms mainly affect all the companies that trade with foreign companies.  Foreign companies that make an annual sale of 100’000 swiss francs will be liable for taxes from January 2018 on with first generated swiss franc. The new law position also has effects on your bookkeeping, if you have business connections with foreign companies. The administrative and organizational effort that you must make as a company is very high. Not only do you have to note our legal situation but also the one of the ex- or importing country. Our VAT representors is familiar with the tax issues and fiscal representation of ex- or importing countries and can provide you with information regarding the new VAT law already now.