Tax consulting
Tax consulting

Tax solutions that are sustainable in the long run.

Essential are your tax objectives. We always look for possibilities to save taxes. Even more important we consider the long term tax optimization.

Based on the actual situation and your tax objective we develop tailor made solutions for your tax future. Ultimate ambition: To optimize taxes and to shape your taxation well balanced.

Many entrepreneurial and individual decisions are influenced by taxes. Most important is the influence on the choice of a location, the structure of personal and/or business assets and many more issues.

For almost all company transactions: acquisition or sale of a company, merger or split of a company, introduction of employee participation models, succession planning – tax issues play an important role.

Taxes can only be reduced through long term planning. Therefore our tax experts assess your situation in detail, check all possible arrangements and submit tangible recommendations for a sustainable reduction of your tax burden.

Tackle your tax optimization! Sound the room for improvement and optimization with our tax experts. It is always worthwhile to have a close look on tax issues.

The full range of our tax consulting services:

Direct taxes:

  • location analysis
  • national and international tax analysis for individuals and enterprises as well as expats
  • tax planning and optimizationSteuerplanung- und optimierung
  • development of tax optimized remuneration packages in national and international context
  • share-based Payment (shares, options, participation of any kind)
  • tax analysis for company mergers and splits, restructurations
  • tax rulings of any kind
  • tax consulting of company owners (company/Individual asset strategy)
  • optimization of inheritance and donation taxes
  • employee participation Plans
  • tax Due Diligence
  • consulting for lump sum taxation
  • tax declarations for individuals and companies
  • review of tax assessments and tax invoices
  • replies to tax authority information requests and special tax authority assessments
  • preparation and supervision of tax audits Abrechnung von Quellensteuern
  • settlement of withholding taxes
  • settlement of property taxes
  • settlement of taxes on the issuance of shares / stamp duty
  • VAT settlement
  • settlement of inheritance taxes
  • double tax treaty clarifications (licences, etc.)
  • arrangement of transfer price schemes

Indirect taxes

  • VAT declaration
  • turnover and input tax matching
  • supervision of VAT audits
  • VAT representation for foreign companies
  • VAT consulting
  • cross border VAT consulting