Payroll Services
Payroll Services

Our payroll services will serve your needs, no matter what the size of your company, the number of your employees, how internationally widespread your business is. This is our promise to you based on years of experience in payroll accounting. 

Payroll outsourcing is a matter of trust as much as of expertise, this is what we are well aware of. We strive to earn that trust by working to the highest internal and external standards, among which the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) and the Swiss GAAP FER to name just a few.

Our invitation to get your payroll services started or supported

We invite you to make an appointment with our accounting specialists. Our employees will give you the full details of what we can do for your business. The key aspect is to define your needs and tailor the adequate payroll outsourcing solution. If you need us to handle everything, we will handle everything. If you find yourself in a difficult shortage of accountants due to temporary problems, we offer the qualified experts from our reserve pool employees. This is the bridge over solution where flexibility does not require you to content yourself with temps less qualified than needed.

Wide range of payroll Accounting Services

Everybody in the business world is familiar with payroll accounting in general. But we believe that the full range of our payroll services will serve more purposes than many entrepreneurs imagine. Think big when you give us an insight into your company's staff. Our experts can do more than just guarantee payment according to all applicable national and international standards. Our payroll outsourcing solution extends conventional payroll accounting and adds HR services where required. 

From payroll services to financial support

Consider our payroll services a solution from the beginning to the end and from the bottom to the top. Time-wise, our services cover all the works that arise during the fiscal year. This includes all the statements that the authorities require and expect when the financial year is closed. 

Processing-wise, our services comprise the handling of the payroll tasks as well as the financial analysis you as a manager need to make your company as profitable as it deserves. We will implement a cockpit solution to broaden your view on your company.

Software As A Service

Apart from expertise and personnel, we offer you software you subscribe to. The web-based applications ABAweb and ABAscan enable your accounting to process all steps. Upload a scanned document, keep the subledgers and all accounts involved, receive the annual closing. Once again, all-in-one.