Outsourcing payroll
Outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing of payroll accounting – a step towards cost optimization!

If you are in charge of a company or running your own business, financial tasks such as generating invoices, accounting and payroll management represent an important part of your daily business activities. Are you looking for a convenient solution that helps you avoid taking on staff for payroll and accounting management? Then outsourcing your financial activities can be a perfect option for you.


Outsourcing of payroll accounting – what does Caminada offer?

Caminada offers you the expertise and the services you need for all accounting and payroll services. No matter whether you are running a small family business or an international company, our well trained and highly experienced staff is at your disposal for a wide range of payroll and financial accounting services. Those comprise:

- Payroll accounting including human resources management

- VAT payment and procedures

- Accounting for receivable and payable amounts

- Budgeting and consolidation management

- Annual financial statement (closing the fiscal year)

- Interim financial statements as needed (monthly, quarterly, biannual)

- Financial cockpits

- Tax consulting

- Law and insurance matters

And a wide variety of other financial services.


Tailor-made outsourcing of payroll accounting services!

Caminada’s philosophy is to offer every customer tailor made services to serve his personal and individual needs. You are free to choose which of the services offered you would like to make use of, no matter what size your company is and what business field you might be in.


Advantages of outsourcing your payroll accounting

Outsourcing payroll activities has a variety of advantages you should consider. One main aspect of choosing Caminada as your partner is, that you will not need to take on your own staff for accounting and payroll procedures. Another good reason for outsourcing your payroll activities is that it will save you time and effort. Relying on our expertise and knowledge in accounting and payroll accounting as well as in all matters related to this field, you can focus on your other business activities while our professionals handle the financial and payroll aspects. This way you can delegate the expert work and still be in control of your financials at all times.


Profit from our wide range of financial and other services!

Apart from payroll and accounting services, our customers also benefit from our experience and knowledge in insurance and law matters. We handle insurance claims, provide advice in corporate law and other legal fields. Should you be planning to set up your own company or should you wish to improve your services, we are also the right partner for you. We help you with all matters involved in the planning process.


Get in touch!

Contact Caminada, if you need more details or if you wish a personal offer to make use of our payroll outsourcing services.