Legal advice
Legal advice

Legal advice

Do you have questions regarding the law? An inheritance that needs to be regulated? A question in the social insurance area? A problem in relation to Real estate law or tenancy law that urgently needs to be solved? Or do you need an overall legal advice? Concerning all these questions and many more, we would love to advise you in person or make contact to are quality partner Kaufmann Rüedi Rechtsanwälte. Because we are here for you. 

By your side regarding questions about the law.

A strong partner in legal questions is essential nowadays. It doesn’t matter if it a private person or a company is concerned. Problems or matters of dispute could come up very fast – you are already dependent on a legal adviser. Whether self-inflicted or not, anytime legal or financial claims can be enforced against you. That is when you are dependent on a competent expert with specialized knowledge. That is the reason we and our business partners are around. Play safe, protect yourself and your interests and take advantage of our service offer.

Whether it is about commercial law, corporate law, employment law, tenancy law, marriage and inheritance law – we know the subject matter and will accompany you. We have been doing so for many years. The experience taught us the right procedures, so that we can give you specific suggestions regarding all your questions. Caminada is available for any legal questions (especially) in central Switzerland, in the cantons Zug and Lucerne. 


External and internal expertise

To cover this wide and complex range of topics, we work with chosen experts in special areas that not only stand behind our companies’ philosophy but even more they convince with their professional competences.

But our claim is much higher: We want to be able to accustom you in all the areas and not only lean on the knowledge of external experts, even though they are first-class in their area. We want to give you all the answers you need first-hand and professionally competent. Our quality partner Kaufmann Rüedi Rechstanwälte makes this possible – a wide range of services that still has the deep knowledge in all areas. That is why we can advise you interdisciplinary regarding commercial law, corporate law, employment law, tenancy law, marriage and inheritance law and other areas of the law. The results are matching and individual solutions – adapted to you and your needs. That is how we achieve our results that suit your wishes. No matter which legal questions you have we will bring you and the according expert to the table.

Walk a competent, wide ranged and yet specified path with us towards an individual and adjusted legal advice. Because you have our back.

Below you will find a more detailed listing from our wide ranged services regarding law:

o Property law matters

o Inheritance matters, inheritance division

o Estate regulation, estate inventory

o Prevention order

o Executer mandates

o National / international contract Law

o Corporate Law

o Labour

o Immigration Law

o Social Security Law

o Real estate and tenancy law

o Contract management and storage