Polizei IPH Hitzkirch

We met the police

We met the police. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. Did we learn anything from that? Yes, we did.

Caminada and the police school Hitzkirch, how does it fit together? Very well. Where future policemen and policewomen are trained for their daily work, we held our employee workshop.

Anchoring the proven, learning the new

Among dozens of uniformed police aspirants we fortified ourselves with coffee and croissants for the day. In the morning we had an internal workshop. This was linked to our company motto "Anchoring the proven, learning the new". In teams we created roadmaps with existing internal processes. Because those who understand and live what already exists can learn new things easier.

From leadership to defense

The lunch in the historical "Kommende" was delicious - compliment to the kitchen. We continued the afternoon in the training center Aabach. During a guided tour through the area the police training was brought closer to us. More than 300 aspirants from eleven cantons will be prepared for their future tasks with the police at the Intercantonal Police School in Hitzkirch. Our tour led us through the shooting range and via the training rooms (dojo) to a reconstructed village for on-the-job training. Petrol station, bank, house: here the prospective policemen prepare themselves for (almost) every emergency. During a two-hour self-defence course we learned how to protect ourselves in case of an attack. Our instructor gave us simple but effective tips and tricks. Hopefully we will never have to use them.