Spring – a new wonder every year

Spring – a new wonder every year

Spring can be defined astronomically (position of the sun towards earth), phenological (stage of development of the plants) or meteorological (development of the weather).

Spring Fever and spring tiredness are well known. But there are a lot of thrilling phenomena, which are not so well known. Such as the six shown in our article.

Brimstone butterflies carry antifreeze with them

Brimstone butterflies can be seen very early in the year, up to two months before all other butterflies. Freezing temperatures are no problem for them as the carry their own antifreeze consisting of glycerine, sorbitol and different proteins. Due to these they survive winter almost unprotected in a tree crack or at the lower side of a leave. And their lifespan of up to 12 months is the longest of all butterflies in central Europe.

Fruit trees with heat meters

Many fruit trees have a kind of heat meter. They “count” the warm days. Only when a certain number of warm days has been reached the start to develop their blossoms and to bloom.

“Spring is in the air!”

The well-known saying has a true core meaning. Spring has a special scent that can be smelled. We get to know the scent of spring, save it in our brain and it has measurable influence on our mood, our decisions and phenomena of our body. Unemotionally seen the fragrance of spring is not really nice: earthy, mouldy and a little rotten. The reason is that with the warming of the spring sun moss and leaves begin to rot.

High activity level on dating portals

Between 11 and 17 more applications than in autumn are registered on dating websites. More light lets our activity level raise and caused be the increasing warmth our body sends out positive neurotransmitters – endorphins. At the same time the sleeping hormone melatonin is reduced in the pineal body and we feel a great urge to act and to flirt.

Very different starting times

Although astronomically the begin of spring is quiet clearly defined around March 20th, the spring starts different when it comes to plants. Whereas spring arrives from southwest in Portugal around the end of February, it reaches Central Europe between mid and end of April. Finland whatsoever has to wait until the end of Mai till blooming start.

Ladybugs – the heralds of spring

Humans love ladybugs. They are seen as a gift from the Blessed Virgin Mary. There are around 5’500 species worldwide. Thereof around 80 species are accounted for in Central Europe. Best known is the 7-point, who keeps its number of black points unchanged during his whole life. As a grub, he eradicates up to 1’300 aphids during three weeks, whereas a fully grown lovebug eats up to 90 aphids a day.

If Spring fever has any connection to company formation activities is not proven. If such Spring fever occurs to you, just get in touch with Holger Wanke.

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