Protective provisions: Decide yourself, what shall happen!

Quickly something surprising happens. A stroke. A car accident. What happens if you are unable to make sound judgements? Who decides about your future and your life?

Already in January 2014 we covered this important issue, which is unpopular to most of us. It is important for us to show you, how important it is to prepare protective provisions (German: Vorsorgeauftrag).

Ensure, that your own intention will happen

Whatever happens: The one who takes precautions, makes sure, that his intentions will be executed and that no governmental authorities will determine after their understanding what shall happen.

Issues which are of particular importance for the elderly are the right to designate a power of attorney, to make a living will, to appoint an individual(s) to represent their wishes, as well as legal measures to protect them during their stay in a residential or nursing home.

Decide yourself who shall represent you

Whit protective provisions you can decide whom you want to appoint to represent your wishes in case you are not able to make sound judgements any more. Who shall decide and enforce your will when it comes to personal and medical treatment? Who shall represent you concerning financial issues? And finally who shall represent you vis-à-vis governmental authorities or courts? Issuing protective provisions which have to be handwritten or notified is a valuable solution.  

Use the support of Ruth Käslin, our technical expert in this field.

Our specialist Ruth Käslin has already set up several complex protective provisions and has a lot of experience in this very field. She has prepared several checklists and guidelines and can help you to prepare your protective provisions.

In most cases protective provisions are individual and complex. A one-on-one consultation is always worthwhile. Get in touch with Ruth Käslin, she is looking forward to help you along.

Foto by / Aaron Burden

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