Lisi has left the Accounting Department!

The nesting period is over. The ducklings have hatched and are on the way into their life in the wild.

Lisi’s nesting success was superb. From 11 eggs laid she only lost one. 10 healthy ducklings have hatched.

The relocation was not perfectly successful

The Lisi Team had decided to use the Alternative method (see our blog post of June 9th), as we did not want the ducklings to jump from the roof. But because Lisi’s nest was in a big pot under a planted tree they were not able to catch her.

Lisi gone, what about the 10 ducklings?

Although Lisi came back she always stayed at a safe distance from the nest on the roof or the terrace not to get caught by the team. Therefore, we had no chance to unite Lisi and her ducklings which were safeguarded in a paper box. 

Gamekeeper as last resort

We called the local gamekeeper who took a close look and analyzed the situation. He then decided to take the ducklings home with him and to look after them for the next two weeks. He will feed them and offer them a warming lamp to keep their temperature also at night. After this time, they will be able to get along by themselves in the wild. As he stated, precocial birds such as ducklings are able to get along by themselves from day one. Their mother gives little orientation, she only gives them some warmth and shelter during the first two to three weeks.

All’s well, that ends well.

The ducklings are safe and nurtured and will soon be able to continue their life in the wild. Lisi stayed visible on our roof and terrace for two, three days. But because we had taken away her nest, she did not start the breeding process again. We are sure that she is healthy and happy at our lake by now.

Although the “Duck adventure” of our accounting department did not find a perfect end, we all have a great and interesting experience behind us.

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