Caminada Team Workshop 2018

Caminada Team Workshop 2018

This year’s workshop was mostly about digital cooperation and team building. Besides instructive and diversified hours with different coaches, we prepared delicious grilled foods in small teams under the guidance of grillmaster David.

The workshop took place in the prime event location “Grindel” of the restaurant “Bahnhöfli” in Mettmenstetten. Because Caminada is growing steadily and got a lot of new faces this last year, the workshop was designed to train “teambuilding and cooperation”.

Digitisation and how to cope with it

The first part was about how and with what measures we shall structure our work and workload better by optimizing all the available digital tools we use. This shall lead to overcome the so called “triple overload” situation which is created by the respective tools. In three groups this was only a first major step in an exciting process that will keep us busy for the next few months.

Teambuilding – Sequence1: Cooking together!

Cooking together is always an interesting experience. The employees get to know each other from a completely different perspective. Well guided by professional grill master David a delicious two course menu was prepared. After a nice aperitif it first was all about fish: trout, salmon and cuttlefish. These were followed by self prepared sirloin steaks, a rack of lamb and a full grilled chicken with the appropriate side dishes. All teams reached a very good cooperation and so the dishes were prepared not only in a good time schedule but they were also very delicious and served in an almost professional manner. Nobody cut his finger and everyone had enough and was happy after Lunch.

Teambuilding – Sequence2: Building dominos in groups and connecting them!

Guided by motivation trainer Chris we became engaged domino builders. Domino is a playful way to train skillfulness, agility, motivation and team spirit. First every team got his table and had to prepare a test domino within 10 minutes. The test already had to fulfill several criteria: a 90° turn, circle or spiral and at least one “special effect”.

This was followed by a challenging and cross-team collaboration task. Each group had to prepare a table filling domino with turns, circles and special effects of any kind and these dominos hat to be connected so that they became a huge enterprise domino running over five tables. The goal was to get the whole domino down in one single run. Bosses, supervisors and work bees were defined and they all did a great job. The “falling direction” of the domino stones in different sizes proved to be more difficult than expected. This meant that fireman Christian had to intervene several times to get the “domino-effect” going again. But finally, the big show ended with big ovations and applause of all participants.

The playful event showed all team member once again how important it is to communicate well, to admit mistakes and to share price, fun and success.

In all it was a very successful event with a lot of useful and special experiences for the whole Caminada team.

Be inspired by the video. These events always help a team to make a huge step forward, because playful learning is fun and makes the essence apparent.