ABANINJA – innovative business software for small enterprises

ABANINJA – innovative business software for small enterprises

ABANINJA is an innovative Software. It uses the possibilities of digitalisation to the max. Free for invoices, payments and reminders. Its Motto is: less administration, more business.

ABANINJA is a part of ABACUS iv (Internet Version), a software completely developed within the Internet architecture. Its major strengths are: scalability, role-based user concept and multilingual availability.

Easy Handling

To use ABANINJA you do not need any accounting know-how. The free accounting software scores with very easy handling principles.


Everything for free!

About 300 Million invoices are sent out in Switzerland per year. This causes cost for paper, envelopes, packaging, stamps and sending. On top comes the work needed for printing, packaging and sending.

With ABANINJA there are is no cost involved for generating and sending digital invoices. With a few clicks these tasks are done. All information’s needed for an invoice such as an invoice template, client data and product or service can be prepared intuitively by the user. The invoices are automatically signed electronically and therefore VAT compliant.


With ABANINJA your office becomes digitalized and flexible

The VAT compliant invoices sent out are at the same time automatically put into your digital archive. Your clients can pay the E-Invoices online with their credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, by IBAN within their E-Banking or traditionally with the payment slip.

As a cloud based web application, ABANINJA does not need any local installation on your computer but can be uses immediately and at any given time. Furthermore, you decide where and when you use your data. From wherever you like and always.


Experience with ABACUS

With ABANINJA you profit from the huge experience of ABACUS Reserch AG, the Swiss market leader for Business-Software. ABANINJA relies on the established ZUGFeRD‑Format, which secures the correct transfer of structured invoice data into software for invoicing and accounting. This replaces the manual scanning of invoices. The data generated from invoices are therefore easy to integrate into your accounts and financial statements.


Useful Dashboards

The Dashboard integrated in ABANINJA provides a perfect overview of your turn over. All data such as invoice templates, client data, products and services are at hand at a glance. As all are live data, your decisions and planning can be based on actual data about open offers, payments and turnover. Practical and transparent.


Teamwork with your Accountant

If an accountant is in charge for a part or all your accounting work: No problem if you use ABANINJA. You can have your invoices forwarded to him automatically. He can take over the full booking and through your dashboard and invoice list you always know your actual status.

Optional ABANINJA data can be synchronized with our ABACUS Accounting Software. With this option the teamwork with the accountant become predominantly automatic and manual work steps are reduced to a minimum. All relevant information for the financial accounting are transferred and can be processed directly in our accounting software.

Next steps in the development of ABANINJA

Soon the software will allow to upload all supplier invoices in PDF Format. The data necessary for payments will be read automatically and will be transferred into a booking mask. You only have to control the respective data. This will save time and raise productivity.

At the same time payment information shall be transferred and uploaded into your  E-banking with a mouse click. There they will be transformed into a payment proposal and you only have to authorize the payment.

It is also planned that the payments received shall be automatically equalized with the invoices issued by ABANINJA. For clients of Raiffeisenbank this service is already available and also the upload of payment data will be done first with this bank. But other banks will soon follow with similar services and possibilities. The actual development you will find on www.abaninja.ch/en/index.html.


We recommend ABACUS

Abacus is an owner driven Swiss software enterprise, which develops business software successfully for more than two decades. Caminada uses the ABACUS software for over 20 years and is convinced by the quality and reliability of this software.

Abacus has accomplished a huge step into the future with ABANINJA and the cloud bases solution is permanently developed further. Our ABACUS expert Andreas Okle is ready to provide information or help you along.

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