Comprehensive service for all audit matters

Our audit support the board of directors and the executive board in their obligation to exercise due care. Our Goal: To introduce recommendations, that lead to added value.

As approved audit expert Caminada offers all ordinary audits and limited statutory examinations as well as all special audits for companies of any size.

We assess your financial statement individually and from a practical point of view. Crucial is a holistic approach to the enterprise audited. Together with you we derive measures from our audit results. The Goal is to eliminate risks and to generate opportunities.

Thereby you get security concerning your annual financial statement. At the same time you guarantee the interests and rights of all stakeholders involved. We help, if it comes to introduce useful control mechanisms. Such mechanisms protect the long term prosperity of your organization.

Our approved CPAs dispose of all necessary qualifications and the experience, to execute all kinds of audits. They can act as statutory auditors, as group auditors, as special auditor (foundation audit, capital increase or decrease audit or audit of social security institutions (BVG). We consequently use the risk oriented audit approach. For this reason we work with the BMD audit tool which is recommended by the Swiss Chamber of CPAs. We even are the training partner for BMD and the Swiss Chamber of CPAs for this audit tool.

Profit from your audit! Discuss possiblities and prospects with our audit experts. They are looking forward to meeting you.

The full range of our audit services:

  • limited statutory audit (Art. 727a CO)
  • ordinary audit (Art. 727 CO)
  • audit mandates
    • audit of pension funds
    • audit of health care organisations
    • PS 700 / 800 / 900 / 950
    • audit of non-profit organisations
    • ICS audit
    • qudit of consolidated financial statements
    • reviews (following PS 900)
    • internal audit
    • trust audit
    • audit of liquidations with advance distribution
  • audit of company foundation
  • autit of mergers
  • audit of capital increase/decrease
  • special audit following Art. 697a CO