Audit Lucerne
Audit Lucerne

Caminada - Your audit expert from Lucerne

Our audit services in Lucerne supports your board of directors and your executive management in the fulfillment of due diligence requirements.

The audit shall strengthen your enterprise!

The audit, checking your financials, is an important duty in every company as its financial compliance is assured. At the same time the investment of the shareholders is protected and secured. Caminada’s auditors in Lucerne help you to improve your processes and to build in the necessary internal controls to gain security. Often, we also discover savings potentials, the realization of which gives your company a better and stronger position in the market. Our goal is to develop suggestions from our audit findings, that lead to an added value for you. Therefore, we see ourselves as an entrepreneurial partner and not as inspector.


Assess and audit the financial statement – minimize risks.

As a provider of audit services based in Lucerne, we assess your annual financial statement individually and with a strictly practical orientation. Decisive is the holistic view of the audited enterprise from which measures and actions shall be derived together with you. At the same time, detected risks can be eliminated. In return existing potentials and chances can be shown and using them can be tackled.

Your advantage from our audit services in Lucerne: You gain security concerning your annual financial statement. At the same time, you ensure that the interest of all stakeholders of your enterprise is safeguarded. We help, when it comes to build in additional control mechanisms as standard operational procedures. They ensure the long-term and sustainable economic prosperity of your organization.


Our strength – many years of audit experience.

Our certified audit experts in Lucerne have all necessary qualifications and the necessary experience to execute all kinds of audits. Whether we act as statutory auditors or as group auditor or as special auditor (establishment of a company, capital raise, capital reduction etc.) or as auditor of occupational retirement foundations, Caminada Lucerne is the right contact for your audit.

We consequently make use of the risk related audit approach. Therefore, we word with the BMD audit software, which is approved by our professional body ExperSuisse.


Profit from our wide-ranging knowledge about different companies.

Take advantage of the fact that we look over your shoulder during the audit, and call mistakes and risks to your attention to help you and your firm, to better position your company for the future. Profit from our many experiences with all kinds of companies active in different fields and markets and discuss possibilities, chances and solution approaches with our audit experts in Lucerne.


Audit Lucerne? Caminada is the answer.