The magic, renewable notebook – Rocketbook WAVE

The magic, renewable notebook – Rocketbook WAVE

Rocketbook WAVE is not an ordinary notebook. The notes written can be stored in the cloud or sent to your Mailbox. If you use the FriXion Pen the Notebook is reusable.

Who enjoys writing by hand has always wanted this. A notebook, a smartphone and an App and all notes and sketches are in the right place quick as a flash.

No longer a vision. But a reality

Since August 2016 the Rocketbook WAVE is available. An innovative Notebook for creative people, entrepreneurs, students and everyone interested.

Very easy to use

Starting is that easy: You take your notes and scribbles in a blue spiral notebook. Using the Rocketbook APP your notes are scanned and transferred into the cloud within a split second. And even better they are transferred to exactly the place you want them to be!

Seven Symbols make your work efficent

There are 7 Symbols’ at the bottom of each page which you can set up to a location in the cloud you use (e.g. Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote etc.) or to your mailbox. You just have to mark a Symbol and your note is precisely where required.

And the Best: The Rocketbook ist resusable!

And here comes the best: If your Rocketbook WAVE is full, you don’t need to buy a new one! If you have taken your notes with the FriXion Pen (which is part of the delivery) you can use the WAVE selveral times. FriXion ink takes clear under heat and the WAVE is microwave safe. Push the button of you microwave and as soon as your cup of tea is ready, your notebook is brandnew and empty.

Source of supply:

Rocketbook Wave ist he perfect tool for all those, who love and would not want to miss to take notes or make drawings by hand and at the same time profit from electronic communication.

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