Quality Partnership
Quality Partnership

To cultivate the same consulting philosophy.

Caminada and Kaufmann Rüedi Lawyers are two independent, economic and legally autonomous companies. A financial participation does not exist. The partnership has one simple goal: To achieve more customer value.

Kaufmann Rüedi Lawyers and Caminada have carefully aligned their consulting concepts, workflows and quality standard to grant a maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Both offer their full set of services and make sure that their leading competence within their area of expertise is safeguarded.

Nevertheless our clients remain completely free. The can profit from our partnership when it comes to holistic and customized solutions. Or only use the expertise for a second opinion of some kind. Or the can keep their trusted advisors. It is their decision.


Markus Kaufmann
Dr.iur. LL.M.
Notary (LU)

Registered with the attorneys' registry (admitted to practise in all of Switzerland)


Hubert Rüedi

Notary LU
Mediator SAV/DAA

Registered with the attorneys' registry LU (admitted to practise in all of Switzerland)