Law and Insurance
Law and Insurance

It is important to make the right choice from a multitude of possibilities.

Never mind if it is about insurances for your staff or about technical questions concering insurance and law issues in your personal field. Such as finance planning, declarations of intent or inheritance planning. We have the knowledge needed and can provide guidance. 

We admit: It is about complex issues. That is the reason why we cooperate with  handpicked experts in these fields of special know-how. The represent a similar philosophy and are on the there professional competence is on the edge.

Our services often have points of contact with legal matters. Due to many years of experience we know which appraoch to take and can provide tangible suggestions. 

But this is not good enough for our requirements. We want to offer comprehensive assistance also in these professional fields. We consider it important that these special questions are answered with utmost precision and in a one-stop shop manner.

Our quality partnership with Kaufmann Rüedi Law makes this possible. In commercial law, trade law, corporate law, employment law, landlord/tenant law, marriage and family law and in other fields interdisciplinary consulting is possible. The result are and individual and suitable solutions.

We work with several excellent insurance brokers. They can solve any technical question that arises in the field of insurance. With this we reach solutions that fit perfectly with your situation.

Law and Insurance issues: We bring you together with the right partners. You reach useful and practical solutions quickly.

The full range of our services in law and insurance:


  • marriage and family law
  • inheritance distribution, inheritance inventory
  • national / international commercial law
  • corporate law
  • employment law
  • Expatriates law
  • Social security lay
  • landlord/tenant law
  • administration and filing of law documents


  • comrehensive insurance solutions (staff, risk, assets)
  • social security insurance consulting
  • coordination of all social security insurances