Roots and tradition virtues followed by us.

Caminada Zug is in the marketplace for almost 50 years. The one man enterprise has constantly grown to an SME with over 23 employees. Our most important milestones:

1968: The Zug agency of Caminada opens under the direction of Heinz Huber.

1978: The Zug agency becomes Treuhand Caminada AG Zug.


1986: Caminada Management AG is founded. Treuhand Caminada AG Zug becomes a member of the Treuhand-Kammer.


1989: Heinz Huber becomes majority shareholder whit in the two Zug companies. Treuhand Caminada AG Zug becomes Caminada Treuhand AG Zug.


1989: The customer magazine «Akzente» appears for the first time.


1991: Heinz Klauz, Walter Pfäffli and Holger Wanke become Partner in the Zug companies.


1999: Caminada Treuhand AG Zug takes over Treuhand- und Revisionsgesellschaft Zug. Holger Wanke becomes managing director and assumes control of operations. Ruth Käslin becomes Junior Partner at Caminada.


2001: Caminada moves to new offices at Lindenstrasse 16 in Baar.


2004: Optimized public transport connection become reality. The rapid transit railway Zug goes into service. One of its stations(Lindenpark) is right in front of our office building.


2007: Holger Wanke replaces Heinz Huber as managing partner and president of the board. Andreas Okle becomes Partner at Caminada. The partnership now consists of: Ruth Käslin, Heinz Klauz, Andreas Okle, Walter Pfäffli und Holger Wanke.


2008: With its new CamiNet service Caminada offers its customers outsourcing at its finest. A new modular concept of cooperation for accounting matters.

2011: Caminada undergoes some restructuring. All operating activities of the three existing companies Caminada Treuhand AG Zug, Caminada Management AG and Treuhand- und Revisionsgesellschaft AG are consolidated within Caminada Treuhand AG Zug.

1.1.2012: The CI of Caminada is revised. Lady Caminada gets a new dress that makes her look young, fresh and dynamic.


1.6.2012: Caminada starts a quality partnership with Kaufmann Rüedi Rechtsanwälte AG Luzern, and therefore is able to offer it’s clientele a complete range of legal services.


1.7.2012: A branch of Caminada Trust Co. Ltd Zug is set up in 6005 Lucerne, Alpenquai 28a.


2013: Our reception gets a new setting and welcomes our customers in fresh and intense pink.


2014: Our new Website goes „on air“ by the end oft he year. She is „responsive“ and optimizes herself on different mobile devices. Blog and Newsroom open the way to interactive relationship management and perfectly connect with our social media channels.

2015: Caminada is looking forward and wants to acquire a suitable accounting firm in Lucerne to optimize the growth rate of the Lucerne branch. 

1.1.2016: Caminada Succession planning takes off. Walter Pfäffli goes after 38 years with Caminada into his well-deserved retirement.

1.7.2016: Fabio Iovoli becomes partner at Caminada. The important initial step of our succession plan has been taken.